Cloud vs Lease


Cloud PBX or Lease to Own?

Cloud PBX solutions were designed to let smaller companies enjoy the features and benefits of a sophisticated phone system without any upfront costs. They were initially designed for the <25 user office demographic for this reason. They are still the best value for 5-20 users.

But then they got a little greedy. Most nationally branded Cloud PBX providers will now tell you that their monthly cost per seat stays competitive for dozens, even hundreds of users!

But a quick look at the math for only 35 users tells a different tale.

Let’s use three leading Cloud PBX providers as a value comparison;



Jive Voice

  1. 35 Standard Users
  2. Basic Setup
  3. $21.95/month per user
  4. $7/month per phone (Polycom VVX 501)
  5. Bottom Line: $1,013 per month forever


  1. 35 Office Pro Users
  2. Basic Setup
  3. $22.95/month per user
  4. $8/month per phone (Polycom VVX 501)
  5. Bottom Line: $1,083 per month forever

Ring Central

  1. 35 Standard Users
  2. Basic Setup
  3. $24.95/month per user
  4. $9/month per phone (Polycom VVX501)
  5. Bottom Line: $1,188 per month forever

There’s more. Cloud PBX services are aggressively taxed and surcharged at the local, state and federal level. These extra charges will be added to every monthly payment – and beware, their sales staff will rarely mention this pre-sale. The sticker shock won’t hit you until your first invoice – and at that point you’re under contract.

Resource Telecom Lease-to-Own

  1. 35 Premium Users (all features available to everyone)
  2. Unlimited design/setup time with you and our experts
  3. All users are prepaid for the entire 36 month lease term
  4. Cost of phones is included. No monthly rental charges!
  5. Bottom Line: $779 per month for only 36 months

How we do it

  1. We don’t rent Cloud PBX services and charge you forever for it
  2. We provide the most cost effective way for you to lease your own
  3. We can qualify almost any company within 24 hours
  4. We provide our services only to clients within 80 miles of San Francisco
  5. Our references are impeccable.


  1. Our Leasing Partner is Great America Financial. Come see why at
  2. There are no upfront costs with our lease-to-own voice solutions! Once you’re qualified we’re on our way
  3. At the end of the 36 month lease term you own your system outright!
  4. Your system will be professionally programmed and installed to the last detail. We work hand-in-hand with your IT team to ensure a  successful implementation. They will love us. We are taking only voice services (which they hate anyway) off of their plate!
  5. Both our on-site and remote support is based right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not subcontract our support services
  6. A full three year hardware warranty along with 3 years of software updates and seat licenses are included. Professional voice talent is provided for all system greetings and departmental mailboxes. Only $1 per month for any user to have their own direct dial number and < 1 cent per minute for nation-wide calling.

Our $779 example is based on a typical installation financed for 36 months. 48-60 month lease to own options are available!

Super easy to qualify.


Don’t be. Let’s talk!